2008 San Diego County CIF Senior Girl's
All-Star Volleyball Game

The following San Diego County girls were named to the 2008 CIF all-star team.

Alyssa Bennett
Alyssa Naylor
Amira Attar
Amy Webster
Anne Carroll Ingersoll
Ariana Covington
Christina Villamayor
Courtney Fleck
Erin Lupfer
Faith Steinwedell
Heather Hartwell
Jasmine Rankins

Jessica Blackwell
Kaitlyn Plum
Kaylynne DeLaRosa
Kelly Hansen
Kenzie Aries
Kim Dolphin
Laurel Casey
Malia Marquardt
Paige Hoffman
Priscilla Collings
Tabitha Henken
Taylor Crabtree



 Kenzie Junior Olympics
 Kenzie Interview

"Kenzie is the hardest working player I have ever coached. "
Lara Ramey, former USC player and current club co-director

"Kenz is starting to develop the ability to make the players around her better by directing them. She started to take control of her team in a positive manner. She has talents that will help her at the next level."
Pat Powers, Olympic Gold Medalist & Former USC head coach

"Out of all the girls I have coached Kenzie is by far the best when you combine strength with coordination and speed."
Stu Waite, Beach Volleyball Coach

"Incredible work ethic, powerful, coachable, perfectionist, leader, dominating player, works hard at every aspect of the game."
Diane Pascua AVP player, member of Philippines Olympic team

"...she possesses all the fundamentals that are required to be a top notch sand player."
Petia Yanchulova, Olympic Beach Volleyball Player

"...very physically powerful player who is at the same time agile and quick."
Stu Waite, Beach Volleyball Coach

"Kenzie's talents and passion will easily take her to the next level of the game beyond high school."
Julie Kaiser, Former Club Director, high school volleyball coach.

"Kenzie gets to every ball."
Dexter Harvey, high school volleyball coach.

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