2014 Accomplishments:  Kenzie accepts Assistant College Volleyball Coach at Meredith College in Raleigh, NC.

Kenzie has written a Kindle book - 101+ Volleyball Tips: How to Get Recruited for College Volleyball

2014 Accomplishments:  Kenzie earns her MBA from the University of Redlands.

2014 Accomplishments:  Kenzie completes her MBA Consultancy in the United Kingdom.

2012 (College Volleyball Graduate School Year):  Kenzie has accepted a position as Assistant Volleyball Coach at the University of Redlands where she will earn her MBA.

2011 (College Volleyball Senior Year) Accomplishments:  At the end of her senior year, Kenzie holds the following Pomona-Pitzer Women's College Volleyball records:
#8 Kenzie Aries 1045 (08-11)

#2 Kenzie Aries 2760 (08-11)

#7 Kenzie Aries 150 (08- 11)

#8 Kenzie Aries 155 (08-11)

#3 Kenzie Aries 1002 2010
#4 Kenzie Aries 965 2009
101+ Volleyball Tips: How to Get Recruited for College Volleyball

2011 (College Volleyball Senior Year) Accomplishments:  At the beginning of her senior year, Kenzie is fifth all time in total assists (2316) for Pomona-Pitzer. She is seventh all time in block assists (128).

2010 (College Volleyball Junior Year) Awards:  Kenzie named to Cal-Lu-fornia Volleyball Invitational All-Tournament team as setter.

2009 (College Volleyball Sophomore Year) Awards & Stats:  Kenzie earned Honorable Mention out of 31 teams for the AVCA Division III Regional Volleyball All Star Awards. Volleyball stats highlights: Season Totals: 965 assists, 36 service aces, 298 digs, 49 blocks. Match Highs: 62 assists vs Oxy (9/19), 8 kills vs CMS (10/9) and Chapman (9/25), 20 digs vs Oxy (10/20), 6 blocks vs Dominican (9/11). Led team with 16 double-doubles.

2009 (College Volleyball Sophomore Year):  Kenzie is playing for the Pomona-Pitzer Women's College Volleyball team.

Kenzie Aries, setter.

Volleyball training videos Kenzie's online volleyball videos on how to improve your game and skills.

Online videos include information on float serving and jump serving a volleyball, plus information on setting.

While my volleyball site helped me get recruited for college volleyball, some  opposing fans have found my volleyball resume info useful as well.

When I watched game film, I heard these Redlands University boys rhythmically chanting,  "Go, Kenzilla. Go."

Hmm, go figure... but thanks guys!

When they are not practicing the complicated intricacies of stand-up cheering (and politely jeering me) they are extra's for the next release of the movie "300"
These fans of the Cal Lu volleyball team were reciting snippets from this volleyball web site, loudly... while I was serving.  :)

When not memorizing millions of obscure pages from the net, these protective headwear fans are future members of the US National Water Polo Team.

Kenzie Aries Awards & Honors Overview:

Summer 2009 - SCVA High Performance Red Team. Click for information on the SCVA Volleyball High Performance team.

2008 (College Volleyball Freshman Year) Stats: Season Totals: 349 Assists, 121 kills, 262 digs, 9 blocks. Match Highs: .545 (12-0-22) hitting percentage vs Bridgewater College (9/20/08), 12 kills vs Bridgewater College (9/20/08), 26 Assists vs Chapman (10/14/08), 31 digs vs Chapman (10/14/08), 5 blocks vs Willamette (9/13/08). Led team with one triple double and 12 double-doubles.

2008 (College Freshman Year):  Kenzie is playing for the Pomona-Pitzer Women's College Volleyball team.

2007 (Senior Year) - Named 2007 first team All-CIF San Diego County by three different groups - The San Diego Union Tribune, a local TV station and by San Diego CIF volleyball coaches. Three year starting 6' varsity setter. Kenzie was named top a Top 25 volleyball player to watch in San Diego County by two regional newspapers. Kenzie was one of twelve players named to 2007 Southern California Volleyball Association (SCVA) High Performance volleyball team which earned a Bronze Medal at the national championships and she received a spot on the USA Volleyball High Performance Development A1 Camp. Selected as solo team captain for high school. First team All-Tournament setter in a pool of 32 teams.  Athlete of the week North County Times. Earned first team all-league Coastal League for second year in a row. Finished 2nd in MVP voting for Coastal League. Named first team all CIF DIII for second year in a row. Earned team MVP award. San Diego's "Night Lights TV" names Kenzie Aries as a first team all-star member of San Diego County's girls high school volleyball team for 2007. Named first team all CIF San Diego County by San Diego Union. Named to San Diego County All-Star game by San Diego CIF coaches. Finished first in the California Beach Volleyball Association (CBVA) 18's division (last year in two tournaments finished third twice).

Get to know me in less than 4 minutes.
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After 50+ letters and contacts from college coaches, I have selected my college for volleyball next year.

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Kenzie Aries Details

Overall Grade Point: 4.07 (updated transcripts) including heavy load of Honors and AP courses, including: Physics, World History, English and Studio Art. My high school, San Dieguito Academy, is ranked 128th in the country by Newsweek Magazine, out of the top 1,200 high schools.

Senior Year:

Read about Kenzie Aries in the June 2007 edition of  Volleyball Magazine.

Kenzie Aries Volleyball Setter

September 4, 2007  Read about Kenzie Aries in an article on College Volleyball Recruiting in the San Diego Union Tribune.

September 4, 2007 Kenzie named one of 25 Top Volleyball Players to watch in San Diego County in the San Diego Union Tribune.

September 12, 2007  Kenzie Aries named to the Top 25 Volleyball Players in North San Diego County.

Student Sports Volleyball  Rivals.com

Kenzie now has her own weekly column in the Student Sports Volleyball section of
Rivals.com reaches more than 2.5 million readers, and has more than 180,000 active subscribers Rivals.com syndicates a variety of its content to major media outlets including Yahoo!, AOL Sports, SI.com, MSNBC.com, USA Today and Sirius Satellite Radio.

Junior Year: Starting 16 year-old 6' varsity setter (my high school lists me as 6', my club as 5'11') in 5-1 offense, playing every meaningful minute of every game. Achieved first team All-CIF Division III for San Diego County*. First team all-league for my conference. Earned Coach's Award at our team banquet. All San Diego County Academic Girls Volleyball honors. First team all tournament in a pool of 44 teams. Athlete of the week North County Times. My high school volleyball team finished ranked 9th in California. Of course, these personal honors are only available due to having great teammates and coaches at San Dieguito Academy and at San Diego Volleyball Club. I currently work out every day with boys varsity team, in addition to club practices and beach tournaments. I have uploaded two complete games from my high school volleyball season.

June 2007: My team, San Diego Volleyball Club 17-1, did great at the Volleyball Festival in Reno. Out of 86 teams, we finished 13-2 and came in 7th.
July 2007: Additionally our SCVA High Performance team captured a Bronze Medal at the USA Volleyball High Performance Championships in Florida.

Sophomore Year: Starting varsity setter in 5-1 offense, playing every meaningful minute of every game. In one tournament, due to injuries, I not only played setter, but middle blocker as well, setting out of the middle blocker position. Second team all-league for my conference. Earned Coach's Award at our team banquet. Worked out every day with boys varsity in Spring. In track, I became the all-time record holder for shot put at my 70 year old high school. I broke the record in my fourth meet at 15 years old. I was all-league in track and went to the San Diego County CIF championships where I was the youngest person to medal in my event.

Freshman Year: Youngest player on the team. Starting junior varsity setter in 6-2 offense, playing every meaningful minute of every game. Earned Most Valuable Player at our team banquet. Only player called up to varsity at years end. Worked out every day with boys varsity in Spring.

*San Diego County has over 2.9 million people, making my county larger than 22 states. My making all Division III is equivalent to making all-state in Nebraska, Rhode Island, Utah, Kansas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Iowa, New Hampshire, Maine, Idaho, West Virginia, New Mexico, Nevada, Wyoming, District of Columbia, Vermont, North Dakota, Alaska, South Dakota, Delaware, Montana or Hawaii.

What coaches are saying.

A few quick bits about the way I play:

   I am an exceptionally strong 6' setter with a both a powerful and clean touch. I can set a clean ball from antenna-to-antenna, with just my wrists.

   I am a multi-tool player. I've played every position on the court, including Middle Blocker and Setter (debatably the two hardest positions on the court) at the same time for an entire tournament in my sophomore year.

   I can overhead pass on serve-receive. In fact, I prefer overhead service receive.

   I am a good blocker. Even though I am the setter, against teams with a dominating outside hitter, my high school coach backed up the rotation so I could block that hitter.

   I dig the hard spike.

   I serve a hard floater consistently for aces.

   I flat-out hustle all the time. I live by the quote, "Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard."

   I lead on the court. Every play will get a verbal response from me. A setter needs to be loud.

   I can hit with power that causes the recipient to flinch.

   I love to block and I am capable of shutting down big outside hitters. In our first tournament of 28 high school teams, I had 14 blocks in four games.

   In our second tournament, I was named to the all-tournament team from a pool of 44 teams, including nationally ranked teams.

   I run a multi-faceted offense.

   Opposing coaches know my name. Ask them. They'll tell you.

   As a sophomore I played in a weekend tournament and one of our middles was hurt in the first match. I played setter in a 5-1 offense AND I played middle blocker when I was in the front row.

   Joined California Beach Volleyball Association last year and played in just two tournaments, where I finished third twice.

My club coach asked us for our workout schedule. From March 1 to June 1 2007, I did at least two hours of volleyball 90% of the time. I guess I am a bit of a volleyball junkie I love to go hiking.

Read what others are saying about my volleyball web site.

And sometimes I am asked just where did the name Kenzilla come from - here is how...

 Kenzie Junior Olympics
  Kenzie Interview


Kenzie Aries Volleyball Setter

"Kenzie is the hardest working player I have ever coached. "
Lara Ramey, former USC player and current club co-director

"Kenz is starting to develop the ability to make the players around her better by directing them. She started to take control of her team in a positive manner. She has talents that will help her at the next level."
Pat Powers, Olympic Gold Medalist & Former USC head coach

"Out of all the girls I have coached Kenzie is by far the best when you combine strength with coordination and speed."
Stu Waite, Beach Volleyball Coach

"Incredible work ethic, powerful, coachable, perfectionist, leader, dominating player, works hard at every aspect of the game."
Diane Pascua AVP player, member of Philippines Olympic team

"...she possesses all the fundamentals that are required to be a top notch sand player."
Petia Yanchulova, Olympic Beach Volleyball Player

"...very physically powerful player who is at the same time agile and quick."
Stu Waite, Beach Volleyball Coach

"Kenzie's talents and passion will easily take her to the next level of the game beyond high school."
Julie Kaiser, Former Club Director, high school volleyball coach.

"Kenzie gets to every ball."
Dexter Harvey, high school volleyball coach.

Read more comments from volleyball coaches

Kenzie Aries Volleyball Setter


Read about Kenzie Aries in Volleyball Magazine.
Kenzie Aries Volleyball Setter

Read about Kenzie Aries in the local newspapers.

Kenzie Aries Volleyball Setter



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